Frequently asked questions

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You might already find your answer here. Happy to answer all your questions. Feel free to send a private message on the contact page. 

After you request a booking, I will contact you personally.
You will be presented with several locations to choose from. We will discuss your requirements and a suitable date. You will be fully supported from A to Z.
It's normal to feel a little insecure. And you may also be a little nervous or uncertain. Be sure to read the reviews. I make sure you feel comfortable from the very first moment. A glass of bubbly, a quiet conversation about each other's expectations and about the mood of the photos and the occasional laugh. Together, we will make sure that the make-up and clothing meet your expectations 100%.
You don't need to have any experience either. During the shoot, I will explore your best side and your smile. The shoot is fully directed. My job as a photographer is to highlight your most beautiful body parts and make those you are less happy with invisible. It is your moment to enjoy, to shine, to feel glamorous. ENJOY ッ
Your best sides will be shown off to their full advantage thanks to the manner of photography, poses, and professional post-processing. Each image is considered individually and carefully edited to fully express your beauty. Dirty heels, a label sticking out, an unfortunate pimple, shadows, bruises, and all other disturbing interior elements such as sockets, alarms, lint etc... are expertly removed.
Collaboration contracts are drawn up before the start of the shoot. We truly value our customers at Leavethelighton. And carry special respect in our hearts. No images will be made public without written permission. 
A boudoir album is a great intimate gift for your sweetheart. It's a huge boost to your relationship. But this photography can also be done for yourself. To regain your self-confidence. Clients testify to this in our reviews. 

You can also do this shoot together: beautiful photos and fun guaranteed.

I myself am a stylist and make-up artist. So, I always do the make-up myself. Your hair is best done at a hairdresser's or by yourself as you always do it.
Lingerie you feel good and beautiful in. Be sure to bring 3 matching sets. Jewellery and other accessories.
And definitely don't forget your highest stiletto heels.
But I myself bring lots of unique props that you may use on the photo shoot.
If that person is not going to be in the photo with you, then preferably not. Given the intimacy, it is better that not many people are watching. I need your attention during the shoot.