We shape you into Art
The word glamour literally means "enchantingly beautiful" and that is what we do at Leavethelighton photographing you enchantingly beautiful. We provide that huge transformation with styling and makeup each time at a cozy and charmful domain or even 17th or 18th century castles. We guide you through the shoot with a laugh and the most beautiful poses that suits you. An unforgettable experience and result guaranteed.
Love is a two letter word
A shoot with your lover ? It doesn't get more romantic than this? Here you are brought in front of the lens together in all luxury. We bring you to a charming location, in an Italian atmosphere, full of charisma and good taste. We create a story together with you and translate it into the right styling, make-up, lighting and perfect poses. Poses that exude class. Of course with lots of laughter and fun. How beautiful would that be?
In to the wild
We meet at a free location, with your car/motorbike or at a lake/sea. We immerse ourselves in a fun adventure with lots of fun and laughter. We discuss the tone of the shoot in advance, the rest is up to us. We keep the shoot sensual and mystical. A beautiful image; harmoniously flowing together. Let's go wild. Take the chance ...
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Art - boudoir - glamour


Exclusive Fine Art Photography

Save the date

Stap binnen in de wereld van ingetogen elegantie en sensuele allure. Van 18 t.e.m. 20/08 nodig ik je uit om mijn meest intieme en verfijnde werken te ontdekken tijdens de kunstbeurs ArtistMeeting in Knokke.

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” Sophia Loren


Young or slightly older, it doesn't matter. We all have something in which we excel. We will guide you through the shoot with a smile and professional support. Bearing your needs in mind, we look at your body and appearance and set to work. All you have to do is enjoy!
All you have to do is enjoy !


You can choose from such special locations as 17th and 18th-century castles that we hire out completely for your photoshoot. We also have other charming locations. Also nice to know: we bring lots of special and antique items that you can use to make the shoot extra unique...


Retouching is the final step in our transformation process. Here, images are edited as if they were destined for a museum. We study each image several times with eagle eyes. We work with the best suppliers in terms of finishing and 100% quality finished products.


It's my mission to portray every woman extraordinarily beautiful and artistic, as a fantasy, a dream woman. In life, there are already far too many "ordinary" things. Let's keep translating dreams and fantasies. That's just what makes life special. But above all, I want every woman to feel "fabulous" after my shoot and be proud of who she is.


Leavethelighton ? Who are we ?

We are a brand with a lot of value, which is unique and very exclusive in this genre and we do everything to give you the most beautiful moment of your life. We also guarantee 100% satisfaction ( wonderful reviews ) in the products and photos delivered. Our photo shoots are also fully sent and luxury locations are fully rented.

We do everything we can to accentuate your unique feminine beauty with proper make-up, styling, lighting and photography. We portray you in the most artful way possible. We work with the best suppliers and products to finish and offer an outstanding service and 100% quality guarantee.

What makes us unique is that our photography is extremely stylish, poetic, sincere and sensual. You will notice that every woman feels relaxed and confident. Also, after the shoot, the photos are edited and developed with so much care that they exude that extra something that makes them so special.

Without experience here you will be transformed into a glamorous TOP MODEL, not just in a pretty picture but in photos that speak full of charisma and that you will enjoy for years to come.

This is the kind of photography that carries AN AURA and that is what makes us so unique.

That's what I watch over, that's my photography....

That is art photography, that is Leavethelighton

Annelore Desmet 25/01/24

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"By now I have already had portrayed more than 200 women in front of my lens. And what great fun experiences these have been. One by one amazing women, each with their story. Clients tell me after the shoot that their lives have changed, so to speak, and that makes me really happy." Annelore Desmet

Would you like to know how we can make you look so beautiful too? Book an appointment with me through Calendly here. Or stop by my place, with a cup of coffee we will discuss your fantastic shoot.




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A book created to celebrate the authenticity and seduction of every woman. Immerse yourself in an evocative and mysterious story that shows the purest form of feminine power. Discover why this breathtaking work is the best achievement in art photography and why you should not miss it!